"It's all about the ride!"


The cool look of our lift kit is a bonus...

Jeep Liberty Lift Kit KK

 Make your Dodge Nitro ride like a Mercedes-Benz! Your spouse will thank you!

From: JBA Offroad, LLC.
 Dear Nitro owner,

My name is Marlin Gehman, and I've got TWO questions to ask that could change your Dodge Nitro forever...

1. Is your Nitro suspension equipped to go off road?

2. Does your Dodge Nitro ride as "smooth as silk"?

Too many people settle for a cheap lift kit that they think will be "good enough." They commute to work, do some off roading on the weekends, and before they know it, their springs are sagging and their shocks can't take the abuse of the road (not to mention the trails!!!) When they hit bumps in the road it rattles their teeth!  They wouldn't dare to take a speed bump at 25 mph! Who knows where they'd end up, right?

Is that the kind of ride you want?        Me neither!

Well, you'll be very excited to hear about the incredible opportunity I'm about to share with you...

"People gladly pay me $20,000 and up to build them a custom Lift Kit

Jeep Liberty KJ with 12" Lift Kit 

... and now I can help YOU!"

I was an auto mechanic for 6 years and a metal fabricator for 23 years. I've built custom kit cars, fabricated custom equipment for the transportation industry, and designed and manufactured loads of custom parts for the off-road market.   

Then, in May 2007, I perfected the world renowned JBA Gen 4.5 upper control arms for the Jeep Liberty.

But not only that...

  • I have more success stories than anyone in the Jeep Liberty after market. As you read about some of the success stories in this letter, remember that every one of them was EXACTLY where you are right now... wondering if they should take that leap of faith.
  • Over 11,000 people come to my websites every month, to take advantage of my proven custom Jeep Liberty parts. In fact, we have thousands of people recommending our products and services to people just like you.
  • My Jeeps and articles have been featured in media giants like Low Range, JP Freek Magazine, JP Magazine...

I'm proud of my accomplishments -- but I'm not telling you all of this to brag.

I'm telling you this because one of the most dangerous things you can do, if you want to build up a Luxury Off-Road Liberty is to buy a budget lift...

"Here's just a small handful of the hundreds of people I've helped build a Jeep Liberty"

Unlike other so-called "gurus" who actually know next to nothing about building a suspension...

... I've got real, concrete proof that absolutely anyone can have a quality ride with my suspension system, regardless of your mechanical back round.

Every day I get emails and letters from people who are riding in a luxury Liberty, say thanks for the suspension I built for them  "You Can Build a Serious Luxury Off-Road Nitro. "

Jeep Liberty w/ 4" lift kit kk 



Here's the proof...



"Rides like Land Rover"

My brother in law Bob has a Land Rover with air ride suspension, and a Jeep Wrangler with 35" tires. Bob took my Liberty for a ride last night. This is what he said "This rides almost as good as my Land Rover, can you put this on my Wrangler?" I had to say "Sorry Bob, it is just for the Liberty & Dodge Niter!"

Robert Landis, Harleysville Pa.


Make your Nitro ride like a Mercedes-Benz 

You can expect the same ride and handling that you would experience while driving a vehicle like a Mercedes. And while off road, you can expect to feel the same safe and sturdy feeling as you would fell while driving a heavy duty truck. This lift will offer you a ride quality that is 100 times better than the factory suspension can offer you. The ride and handling is out of this world!

Nathan, KK Liberty owner from Denver Colorado


Lift Kit Designed Just for the Doge Nitro

Dear Marlin,
I bought the 2" Adjust a Strut system for my CRD back in July. It was the single most best investment in my Jeep. The ride is much smother then stock. and the added offroad clearance makes me feel a lot safer. It is very obvious, JBA has done there homework. Their lift kits are built for Liberty's and make them very capable 4-wheel drive vehicles. I will be back for more. Thanks for your dedicated hard work guys!!

Bill Maylor.. Panama City FL.


Amazing Smooth Ride!

I've had my front end JBA upper control arms and Adjust-A-Struts on for quite a few months now and my Liberty is the best riding vehicle I've ever owned in 30 years of driving 4x4's.

I'm amazed at how smooth the ride is. Offroad it feels like I'm actually in control rather than fighting with the vehicle. Just ordered a set of Bilstein rear shocks to really complete the ride.

That front end is awesome. Makes me really feel like keeping my Liberty for many years to come.

A huge Thanks!

Silver Spring, Md.


  A sweet ride

"It was just a short ride, but I will tell you this. You will sell a heck of a lot of these suspension kits". I never had a Jeep ride like this! It grabs the road and glides over the bumps, It's a sweet ride!"

Dan Zigler, Jeff Daniels Jeep Customizing


Save on Frustration!


“Installing JBA Adjust-A-Struts solved two problems and gave me a better riding vehicle. The Frankenlift 2, I originally installed on my '06 CRD was fine until I added a front bumper, winch, skid plates and rock rails. The added front end weight resulted in a ground clearance no better than stock. In fact the front stock skid plate was damaged so bad by rocks, it required replacement. Also the 31" tires rubbed so bad I started shopping for 30" replacements. Instead of new tires, I ordered the JBA Adjust-A-Struts. The CRD rides level, straddles the rocks without hitting them, tires no longer rub when turning into a parking spot and it rides better than stock. Start with the JBA Adjust-A-Struts; then bolt all those heavy add-ons. You will save on frustration.”

Steve W from Arizona


 The #1 mistake made when building a Jeep Liberty

Most Jeep Liberty owners gradually upgrade their vehicle. The basic path one takes goes something like this:

Step 1

Purchase a spacer lift such as a Daystar lift, an over the top lift such as Rusty's lift, or a clevis lift such as the Rock Krawler lift. Total cost: $200 for the lift parts, at least $40 for strut disassemble & assemble, and 4 or more hours of labor and $50 for an alignment.

 Budget Lift

The main problems with these lifts is they leave your factory suspension in place


Step 2

An owner adds skid to their vehicle to protect the vital points on the underside. After 10K to 15K on the spacer lift, the added weight of the skids and the spacers have taken their toll on the factory springs, struts, and coil springs. Since the cost for OEM spec replacement coils and struts is the same as aftermarket lifted coils and struts, most owners go with the true spring lift.

Purchase a true spring lift. Total cost: $900 to $1300 for the lift parts, at least $40 for strut disassemble & assemble, and 4 or more hours of labor and $50 for an alignment.

Poor spring Lift

Step 3 

Comes front and rear bumpers. These bumpers add well over 100 pounds of weight to the front and rear of the vehicle.  Assuming the owner ordered either the light duty or medium duty coil springs because of ride and handling preferences. HD springs will be needed to return the proper amount of lift to the vehicle.