JBA 2.5" coilover lift - SILVER PACKAGE


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JBA 2.5" coilover lift - SILVER PACKAGE

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JBA Silver comes with HD JBA Adjust-A-Struts, JBA Upper A-Arms, 2.5" 5100 Rear Bilstein Shocks, 2.5" Rear Coil Springs and Front Bump Stops.
2.5 inch JBA Adjust-A-Strut coilover spring lift kit for Jeep Liberty, KJ, 2002-2007
Send me more info on the JBA Adjust-A-Strut coil over system
  •  2.5" JBA Adjust-A-Strut front coilover system, sum assembly required
  • Al's Gen 4.5 A-arms
  • 2.5" rear springs
  • 2.5" 5100 Bilstein rear shocks 
  • Front bump stops
  • Installation instructions
  • One cool looking Jeep Liberty

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Customer Reviews

2.5 inch TOTAL CONTROL LIFT Review by Tom Evans ( tommudd)
First let me say that on my 04 Kilimanjaro build I have ran OME 927/948 combo/ Ironman HDs/ OME 790/948 combo and then the first generation of height adjustable coilovers from Marlin ( JBA) The Ironman and OME all provided a way better ride than what stock ever offered. Then the adjustable coilovers came out and I installed them ( still on my 2004 ) and the ride was incredible , soaked up bumps/ holes/ railroad tracks etc like they were not even there.
Last fall I picked up another KJ ( 2003 ) to build up for a "SOFT OFFROADER" AND DD. Low mileage ( 81,000 miles ) but it had sagged almost 1.5 inches. I knew I wanted the JBA coilovers, but after talking to Marlin he also suggested the rear upgrade on the shocks which like the fronts provided the option of controlling the rebound and compression . OK lets try this.
After installing the new set up and putting over 4000 miles on it now I am ready for a good honest review. I have tried changing the settings on every type of road, back through fields on the farm and off road and I can not find one thing to complain about. Ride is just awesome , it is truly like riding in a expensive car , speed bumps, cracks in the highway, railroad tracks and all on and off road surfaces are just soaked up by the suspension. The OME set up is great, but you still fill the bumps, still get feed back clear up through the body, not so with the Total Control Lift. Bumps etc are soaked up by the suspension and when you wait for the bump to be felt, you just never do. I have to admit I am very spoiled now. My Step Fathers 05 has stock suspension at 90,000 miles and I just can not stand to drive it now, looks like I may have to upgrade his as well ( since it is mine anyways ha ha )
SO if you are on the fence thinking the price is too much and / or not sure if it is worth it, trust me it totally is! One of the local guys stopped by a couple of weeks back, we went to lunch in mine, before we got back he said " I had to say this but this rides like a car, but better" By the way he ordered the setup the next day although he already had the full OME setup on his.
If you want to go for a ride let me know or to ask questions find me on LOSTJEEPs, JEEPKJ , ( moderator on both ) or JEEPFORUM under tommudd. Be glad to help you get THE VERY BEST SUSPENSION SYSTEM OUT THERE FOR A KJ.
(Posted on 6/8/2016)

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